I spend most of my time programming, so that's my number one hobby. Meanwhile, outside of data structure and algorithms, here are some things I enjoy doing:

šŸŽØ Digital Art

This is my top secret skill (most of my close friends don't even know this šŸ˜…). But yes, I am making digital paintings regularly since 2017. I consider this activity to be my much needed break time from the stress of work and academics. Going forward, I'm aiming to improve my visual development skills.


There is no other physical activity that I enjoy more than biking. I just recently resumed after pausing for years (my school is far from my hometown, so it's cumbersome to bring my bike with me). But since 2020, I've been in my hometown, so it's easier to join bike rides. Here are some pics I snapped:


I'm not a pro but I enjoy playing League of Legends and Wild Rift. Recently, I spent most of my gaming time playing Wild Rift for its lightweight experience and convenient setup. I main Singed and Kennen!