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Kubernetes vs Philippine Power Outages - On setting up k0s over Tailscale

Building a reliable IT system in the Philippines presents unique challenges such as frequent power outages and unreliable internet connectivity. To address these issues effectively, our team has implemented a resilient setup ensuring uninterrupted access to critical services for our end-users.

My top resources that guide me as beginner Indie Hacker

It took me 4 long years to launch a product As someone starting out, indie hacking felt like wandering without a map, leaving me second-guessing every move 🤕. If you're facing the same, I'd like to help a bit. Here are 8 invaluable resources to help you gain direction

Self-hosting Ghost with Docker and PlanetScale

PlanetScale and Ghost were previously incompatible due to differences in their support for foreign key constraints. With PlanetScale now supporting foreign key constraints, a seamless collaboration between the two is achievable.

Design generators

In this blog post, we will introduce you to four amazing design generators that will help you create stunning designs effortlessly. These generators are user-friendly


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