I found a new and nice Obsidian Plugin called Send to Ghost. It allows you to directly publish your notes from Obsidian to your Ghost blog. I was intrigued by this plugin and decided to give it a try.


First, I installed the plugin by following the instructions on its GitHub page. It was a simple process, and I didn't encounter any issues during installation.

Once the plugin was installed, I configured its options where I had to enter my Ghost blog's URL and API key. Fortunately, the plugin provided clear instructions on how to obtain the API key from my Ghost blog.


I went to my Obsidian vault and created this exact note. In the note's sidebar, there was now a new option called "Publish Ghost." After editing and writing out this text, I clicked on the button. The plugin started processing my note and sent it to my Ghost blog. It displayed a progress bar indicating the upload status.

Once the upload was complete, a success message appeared, confirming that my note had been successfully published on my Ghost blog. I quickly checked my blog's dashboard and indeed found the published post there.

I was quite impressed with how smoothly everything worked. The Send to Ghost plugin made publishing content from Obsidian to Ghost incredibly convenient and streamlined. It eliminated the need for manual copying and pasting between platforms.


One minor caveat I found is it doesn't support updating notes yet. The post duplicates whenever I run "Send to Ghost" command again. This limitation can be a bit frustrating for users who rely heavily on note-taking and need to make frequent updates to their notes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, trying out Send to Ghost was a positive experience for me. It's a great tool for bloggers who use Obsidian as their note-taking app and want an easy way to publish their content on their Ghost blogs.