In my own opinion, educational content about social media consumption management is more effective in the long run than clichéd calls for total social media cut-off.

I mean, social media detox is beneficial, but it wouldn't hurt if we could also encourage people to find positive communities so they wouldn't get drained as much. It's much more productive than vilifying social media usage.

Banning social media usage appears to be a band-aid solution. Everyone will get back to social media eventually, one way or another. It's a technology that I believe is unavoidable. It's similar to how people demonize televisions, computers, and cell phones. Those who avoided it for various boomer reasons are now left out because they have fewer opportunities to explore and learn how to manage it. The same pessimistic trends are emerging, but this time for social media usage. I'm sure those who avoid social media will miss out on the opportunities it provides.

Discovering our sense of belonging, on the other hand, addresses the root cause. Remember that social media is about people. So find your people. Follow your genuine interests.  Search for an engaging community. Engage in positivity. Also, don't inform your real-life friends because you know how toxic they could get. Be ruthless in blocking and muting people with so much hate and resentment. Surround yourself with inspiring and motivating people. I hope it'll change how you view social media. Good luck!